Friday, March 25, 2011

DEBUG statement in SQRs

Consider a scenario where you write a code which needs to be executed only when you are trying to debug the program. For e.g. you may want to create a log file in SQR about the rows processed to check the validity of the Program. You may not want this log file to be generated in normal processing. When you want to debug the data you need to be executed.
In such cases SQR provides‘#DEBUG’ commands to perform the action. The Syntax for ‘#DEBUG’ command is:
#DEBUG[x...] SQR_Command

Where ‘x’ represents any letter or digit.

You can write different debug sets in a single SQR program. For E.g. you want only certain part of code to be executed in certain situation. You want some other set of codes need to be executed in other conditions. In such case group the related set of SQR commands with the debug command
In a SQR, Consider the following set of commands. If my SQR errors out and I want to generate the list of Employee Id, Employee Records and Effective Date in log file, I will run the program again with the debug mode of ‘A’. In this case the SQR commands starting with ‘DEBUGA’ will get executed. If I want to trap all the Employee Id, Employee Records and Effective Date in Temp Log table, I will run the program in debug mode of ‘B’. In this case all the errors will be loaded in the temp file and log file will not be generated. If I want to run the SQR program to generate log file and load into Temp table, I can run the program in both mode at same time. #DEBUGA show ‘Emplid :’ $Emplid
#DEBUGA show ‘Empl Rcd :’ $Empl_Rcd
#DEBUGA show ‘Effdt :’ $Effdt

#DEBUGB Begin-Sql

#DEBUGB Insert into PS_Temp_log values (‘Error’,$Emplid,$Empl_Rcd,$Effdt);


How to run the program I Debug Mode?

In the Processes navigation (‘Home > PeopleTools > Process Scheduler > Processes’) for the specified process, under ‘Override Options’ tab set the Parameter list value as ‘-DEBUG[x]’ with ‘Append’ mode.

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